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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beautiful Day!!

It is absolutely beautiful outside.  The temp is around 70 and the sun is shining brightly. 

 I was sitting on my porch, working on my ETSY shop, thinking how blessed I am to have such a beautiful home.  My 8 year old little girl was asking me this morning if everyone had a shower.  I said, no, not everyone has a shower.  We are very blessed to have one.  We don't think about this often, if ever, but most of the world probably does not have an indoor shower with hot water and the turn of a knob.  We are very blessed here.  I told her that we should never take anything for granted. 

Now, on the eating front!  Several people at church this morning remarked about my weight loss.  It is all from the lack of sugar and wheat in my diet!  I am still trying to stick with the Trim Healthy Mama plan - mostly S plan - because of my sugars being so out of whack.  I baked the Chocolate Chip Cookies the other night and they were a big hit.  I believe I have posted the recipe in a previous blogpost.  If not, I will post it in the next one.  Last night, we had Big Mac's THM style.  It is called Big Mac In A Bowl!  It is a bowl of lettuce, hamburger with cheese, tomato, onion, pickle (I left this out) topped with Thousand Island Dressing!  It was really good.  Grace and I were the only ones who had it in a bowl.  Gene and Ben ate theirs on a bun. 

In shop news, I have a new goal of 211 views/day.  I did a numbers analysis on my shop, because, as I learned in sales, numbers never lie.  It is true, but you have to have accurate numbers!  So, after 4 years of my shop, I have some pretty accurate numbers to deal with.  Anyway, to reach my goal of $1500/month in sales, I need 211 views.  If you are interested in the formula, you can email me for the details.  So, on to the task of increasing views!  How?  More frequent social networking!  I am actually toying with the idea of a regular podcast. 

I have taken a few classes on spinning different types of yarns from Ashley @ Neauveau Fiber Arts.  She has a lot of YouTube videos, but she also has an ETSY shop where she sells various video courses.  I have bought just about all of them!   So, I have spun 3 different types of yarn as you can see below.  The blue one is a mohair wrapped wool yarn.  The red/green one is a supercoil, which I learned from Jace Boggs' book, Spin Art.  And the funky green/orange one is called Root Yarn Spinning.  It reminds me of Jamaican hair! 
My next yarn is going to be a fabric yarn spun out of this bunch of strips!

I can't wait to spin this.  I believe it will be something I love or hate the process of spinning it.  Hoping for love!  So many ways to spin yarn!  Love learning the new techniques.  I am so glad I invested in the Ashford Country Spinner.  It makes all of this possible! 

Until next time...
God Bless You!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surviving the Storm

We have had quite the adventure on the Cumberland Plateau in the last couple of weeks.  We still have folks without power.  For those who don't know, we had a tremendous ice storm Friday before last.  I have never heard such scary sounds in my life.  The wind was blowing and you could hear the branches cracking and then breaking under the weight of the ice.  Then, BANG, they would hit the roof.  I lay awake all night praying for protection.  I love the snow, but hate the ice.   We were without power for almost a complete week.  It went out Saturday morning and was restored last Friday evening.  We drove to Knoxville on Sunday to get one of the few generators available anywhere!  My hubby hooked it up to our fuse box somehow and we had power.  Everything worked but the stove, the dryer and the hot water.  To get those to work he needed a different cord - a 220 or something like that.  Finally, on Friday, he was able to get one from Lowes.  But the power came on!  Praise the Lord!  Our friends had a gas hot water heater, so we were able to take a hot shower.  The hot water is what we missed most of all. 
There was some fun! Our lake froze!  This is not an every year occurrence for us.

Apparently, we are in for another round tomorrow and Thursday.  I felt kinda sick when I saw the alert on Facebook.  My husband went out last night and bought more gas cans and a tank we can use to heat water and have a hot shower.  One of us will have to stand outside the shower and pour it out from above, but that will be ok.  Teamwork!  Family!  A time of growing closer.  We are blessed with a gas fireplace and a gas grill, so we did have heat and a way to cook.  This time, we should be ok.  I just pray that all branches that were going to fall, have fallen!  No more trees down! 

In shop news, I am selling lots of Ashford products!!  Happy about that!  I have some yarns to post and my hubby is working on weaving some purses.  Can't wait for that! 

On the subject of cooking - I am using ground turkey in place of ground beef.  It is better for you and a lot cheaper than ground beef.  I have made hamburgers and tacos with it and my family loves it.  Even my 10 year old son loves it.  I am doing well following the THM S plan and keeping my sugar down.  I feel so much better!  I am going to host a THM get together soon and I will have some great recipes to share from that event!  Everyone will bring a THM dish that they really like along with the recipe.  That way, we can try different things and share ideas.  Great fun!!

Until next time, stay warm and may God bless you!