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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Desire

I was taking a shower last night and thinking about how badly I wanted my 2 older kids to come home for Christmas, not necessarily on Christmas Day, but somewhere close.  How I would do almost anything to see them and hold them in my arms.  But, alas, I can do nothing but pray and wait.   I cannot make them come to me.  Then I thought about how God must feel this way toward the many who He wants to come home to  Him.  He's there for everyone - waiting with open arms to hold them and protect them in the shadow of His wing.  How He loves them so much and desires with all His heart for them to come to Him.  But, alas, He will not make them come.  He just waits.

Now, let me be VERY clear on this - my older children, Jessica and Robby, have in no way rejected me.  I just know how much I want them to be here.  I love them and they love me, so we are not estranged in any way.  Those thoughts and feelings, though, made me think of our Heavenly Father.  If you are one of those kids who have not talked to your Heavenly Father lately - take this time to do just that.  He's waiting right here!  Arms open wide!  He loves you and desires you. Give Him a call this Christmas.  He wants to hear from you.

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