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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's 2012, and I just turned 50!  YIKES! Suddenly I can't think of anyone older than me!  I was speaking with a gentleman the other day and he was saying how at 40 things start going downhill - physically and mentally - and at 50 it just takes off!  Well, guess what!?  Not for me!  I am going to take a turn for the better!
I was reading a friend's blog this morning on Operation Twenty12.  It inspired me to have my own Operation 2012!  Not resolutions that will happen this year, but new beginnings of a healthier way of life that will take root and grow for the next 50 years!  Here are my top 5 areas:
1) Physical - Walk!  That's it!  No fancy gym memberships or aerobics tapes, or marathon training.  Just plain, old fashioned walking!  I enjoy a nice leisurely stroll and generally find that I start of slow and wind up fast.  A nice one mile hike with my kids through the woods would be a great place to start!
2)  Mental - LESS STRESS!  Stress is causing me to hurt all over and I'm afraid I have passed this to my daughter!  I am going to chill in 2012!   Life is way to short to spend it cramped up in a stressed state.  Less stress means less dis -ease. 
3)  Spiritual - Continue in my daily devotions FIRST thing in the morning!  God wants my first fruits, not what I have left at the end of a long day.  I am going to start keeping a prayer journal for all the answered prayer. AND...I am going to press through trials with HIM and praise Him all the way through!  This time on earth is just college for our responsibilities in eternity.  I am tired of having to take the same old classes over and over!  This year, I am going to pass the class on patience and having a quiet and gentle spirit!  Then I can move on to Patience 2 and Quiet and Gentle Spirit2!
4)  Family - Plant seeds of love and kindness in my home.  Take and pass the class of being a helpmeet to my husband!  The wife sets the whole stage in her home and I can either build my up or tear it down!  I choose to build it up!  We are learning to be thankful and content whether we abase or abound and I am very grateful to the Lord for that one - especially for my kids.  What an awesome class in learning to be happy even in the midst of trials. 
5) Simply Homespun - Finally, and yes, #5 on purpose is my shop!  I love my shop!  I love creating all of those great yarns - wacky and otherwise.  I love creating the colorways in my fibers and spinning them to see what comes out!  I want to, with God's guidance and blessing, grow my shop this year!  I want Simply Homespun to bless my family as well as my customers!

So there it is!  I will keep posted as to my  progress.  I would love to hear some of my reader's goals and progress along the way!

Take care!

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