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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God Has A Plan!

I spent the day with my sister, Karen.  She is on day 23 in the hospital.  She is having her gall bladder removed tomorrow with a poor chance of coming through the surgery.  Two years ago March 1, she had 2 brain bleeds which killed her, but she was brought back from death by God.  She had no brain activity and they had her on a ventilator until all the family could get there.  That was on a Tuesday.  On Wednesday, she had brain activity.  I know that God has a plan for her.  I am praying, believing that she will come out of this 100% and will walk, talk, and resume normal functions.  She has been in a nursing home for this whole time, but has made miraculous steps.  God is good and has her in His hand. 

When things like this happen, you can't help but wonder why, but when fear and doubt try to inch their way in, I focus on what I do know:
God is in control.
God loves Karen more than anyone on this earth.
God desires that she be well.
By HIS stripes, Karen IS healed! 

I serve a great and merciful and mighty God.  Nothing is too big for Him.  Nothing is a surprise to Him.  I take great comfort in that.  I have a supernatural peace right now and I am very thankful.  But, that is what He promises to all those who keep their minds stayed on Him.  And that is the tricky part!  Not letting the world and all it's shenanigans get in the way. 

Now, on to a brighter note!   I am getting a huge shipment from Lion Brand Yarn tomorrow for my shop!  I am so excited!  The knitter's and crocheters will be very happy!  (I hope).  Unfortunately, I haven't put together any of my display racks!  I will need to get up early and get to it! 

On the subject of my budget for groceries, we have eaten almost all of the cheese!  Yikes!  I need cheese for the potato soup and the bean burritos that are on the menu for this week.  So, instead of $28.00, it will now become $33.00 that I spent on groceries for the week.  Oh, well, that still is pretty good.  On another note, what is up with this extreme couponing??  Where do all of these coupons come from?  There are women shopping with notebooks full!  How long does that take??  I'm thinking my time is worth a lot, and how much do you really save?  I would like to hear from some of these women.  How much time does it take you each week to get this stuff together? 

Winter may come early for one of our pigs!  They are eating us out of house and home!  I went down this morning to help Ben out with his chores, as I was in a big hurry to get to Chattanooga to see Karen.  So, I'm ready except for actually dressing.  Well, I go to give the pigs some water in their bucket, and they immediately stick both their heads in.  I still have more to pour in, but they won't move, so I proceed to pour the water over their heads.  Well, guess what?  Pigs shake just like dogs when they get wet.  Unlike canines, pigs are covered in mud, so when they shake...Needless to say, I had to shower, which was not in my plan.  Anyway, I was about 20 minutes late leaving.  Then I get to Crossville, about 30 miles from home, pull up to the gas pump and, eureka!  I realize my debit card is laying on the coffee table.  Not wanting to drive 30 miles back home, I tried to think of ways to get money.  WalMart won't let you write a check for more than $20.00 over and that wouldn't fill my car up once.  So, in desperation, I head over to my husband's work.  God helped me out!  Gene was standing outside washing a tractor.  So, I didn't have to go in a strange place (not weird, but new to me) and ask for my husband.  He graciously gave me his debit card and all was well.  So, I was running about an hour late!  As it turned out, Karen didn't have surgery today anyway.

God is good and each day is a gift of life, love and joy!  Make it a good day! 



  1. You are right. God is good, all the time. Praying for your sister.

  2. Thank you so much. I enjoyed your blog!