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Friday, July 22, 2011


Ok, so I misjudged the length of my rug just a bit - well, maybe quite a bit.  

So now, it is going to be a clutch bag!  Yeah, that's it!  A clutch bag!  Or, maybe a huge washcloth. Or, a decorative table rug. Or...

I am so upset about this!  I had  this beautiful area rug in mind, and then this turned up!  I knew when I warpped it, that it wasn't going to be as long as I originally wanted, but I had no idea it would be this small!  What happened?  I didn't allow for all of the  area that you can't weave at the beginning and the end!  Live and learn!  Today is another day!  I will try again and succeed!!!!!  I will defeat this loom!!!  

Good things that happened yesterday!  My shipment of Lion Brand yarn came in!  Ben and I got it priced and put out in record time!
Ben randomly merchandised them and I was inspired!  He put purple and green together!  I am going to paint and purple and green roving today!  Then, my eye kept going!  There was forest green and a fushia - beautiful!  So that will also become painted roving!  

I just looked back and this is what I saw:
She gets up, literally, at the crack of dawn.  It's 7:43am and she's taking a nap!  Conked out eating her breakfast - mac and cheese!  

Anyway, I've got to get some b'fast for moi and then set up shop for another great day!!  

Take care!

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  1. Kim..its Jessica. I go by Jessi all the time. I hope you remember me. I used to go to your church. I have a blog now. Please follow me. Thanks! :)