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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What A Blessed Day!

The shop is open and very busy!  I have met the coolest ladies today.  And boy, have I learned a lot!  I love fiber artisans!

Well, here is my sock!  Do you see what I did wrong?  Or did I start a new style??  Hmmmm....

(In case you didn't notice, the toe is sideways.  I can't seem to just twist my toes sideways.)  Should I make the mate to match?? 

My inlaws are here and I am loving it!  They are so great.  They bring the island sunshine with them into our home.

I am starting a Christmas Ornament Knitting Club on Saturdays at Simply Homespun on Saturdays from 2 to 4.  We will be knitting a different Christmas ornament each week.  The class is $15.00 and includes all supplies.  We will be meeting every Saturday from now until the weekend before Christmas.  Come and join in the fun!! 

Homeschool group starts back on the 19th of this month!  I am teaching a drop spindle class.  I really excited about it.  We are going to make a drop spindle then learn to spin  on it!  Because we meet on Fridays, my shop hours are changing to:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 - 5
Friday from 2 -7

I have found an excellent source for weaving yarn, so look for that to be added to our product line shortly!  Gene is going to have 10 fits when he sees the selection!  He is almost finished warping for the dogwood placemats!  I can't wait!

Meat loaf, homegrown beans, homegrown potatoes and homemade bread for dinner!!!  Yum Yum!  Just from cutting back on water usage, my water bill was $30.00 less than last month!  By turning off lights in rooms we aren't using and washing in mostly cold water, our kilowatt hours were cut almost by half from last year in the same month!

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