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Monday, August 22, 2011

Living in The Land of Denial

Ok, it's true.  I'm living in the land of either denial (stage one in the grief process) or depression (stage 4).  Hopefully the latter.  All I know is that everytime I think about my sister, Karen, I am having no problem taking those thoughts captive and casting them out!  It just hurts too bad.  I guess I'm afraid of the hurt I will feel if I let myself feel.  Does that make sense to anyone but me??  Probably not healthy, but very comfortable for me right now. 

Anyway, here is the yarn I had started in the last post.  I spun one bat and I called that yarn "the ugly 70's kitchen floor".  There were distinct colors present - brown and yellow especially.  UCK!  So, I ran my other bats through the carder a few more times and VOILA!  Here is the result:

Isn't it spectacular!?  I love it, love it, love it!  It's for sale for now, lol.  I don't know how long I can keep from  knitting it!

Back to my earlier paragraph.  You know, the Bible tells us to take every thought captive.  Why is it so easy to do with thoughts concerning Karen and not negative, complaining, mummering thoughts I have throughout the day?  Those really cause more damage that any thoughts of Karen I could come up with!  I guess it's because with Karen, it is a physical hurt and with these other thoughts, while not a physical hurt, those negative thoughts build up and cause a world of hurt down the road.  I am going to turn this over to the Lord to help me with.  I know He will sign me up for that class!  Remind me to tell you about the time I prayed for humility.  That class was NO FUN!  I can tell you.  Anyway, I always graduate a better person, but the lessons can be tough!

Be good and stay strong in the Lord! 


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