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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Cold, Misty Morning

A misty, cold morning on the Cumberland Plateau! 

Yesterday, I got my 400th sale on ETSY!!!  A milestone that took 4 years!  My goal is to make 500 by the end of this year.  Can I do it??  Yes, I can!  With God all things are possible!  I also hit 200 items in my shop, another goal!  Well, it is now 199, as I sold something yesterday ( my 400th)!  So, not complaining.  I am going to dye some wool today and spin away.  I also have some cashmere, mohair and angora I could create with!  Hmmmm. 

I am running an idea around in my head - Yarn Home Parties.  I don't know exactly what that would entail, but with some creativity - who knows??  Any ideas from my readers???

I am still doing the THM S plan.  Last night, I had spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (which isn't really on plan).  But, the good news is, my family loved it!  I am so happy about this!  So, for lunch today, I am going to have spaghetti squash with a white sauce and salmon.  It sounds good, so I will let you know!  Also, after about 2 weeks of just using Stevia, I am developing a taste for it.  Yea!!!!

I am still participating in the Good Morning Girls reading the Bible through in 3 years!  Today, we read Exodus 28.  I want to share my SOAK with you today.  Remember SOAK is Scripture, Observation, Application and Kneeling in prayer.

 S: v.35 "Aaron will wear this robe wheneer he ministers before the Lord, and the bells will tinkle as he goes in and out of the Lord's presence in the Holy Place. If he wears it, he will not die." O: When the God tells us to do something, He means business! We, too, need to heed God's commands and obey. I think we have lost the reverence we should have for God. We, as a Christian society, have dumbed Him down to our level. To think that you can appraoch God in any way but in fear and trembling is a lie from Satan. God has not changed. The God that killed Aaron's sons, is the same God we worship today. He is Holy, Holy, Holy!! Just because we do not approach Him in that manner, does not change the fact that He commands our respect. In Mal. 1:6 God says "A son honors his father, and a servant respects his master. If I am your father and master, where are the honor and respect I deserve?" Do you know everytime we use God's name flippantly, it is blasphemy? There is a whole marketing campaign, complete with products, using OMG. This is the way the devil works. It it socially acceptable to say "Oh my God" and not give God a thought. Christians do this all the time. I do it! I caught myself yesterday doing it, but thankfully, the Holy Spirit gave me a huge whack upside my head and I immediately repented out loud in front of my children. God is Holy. Do we really want anything less? Rev. 4's picture of God is tremendous. This is the God we serve. There is so much comfort in knowing that He is in control. A: I am praying daily, that I have a Holy reverence for God. I have the Holy Spirit in me and I can talk to Him and just be the messed up me. The Holly Spirit is God's Spirit, but it is not God Himself. God Himself sits on the throne in Heaven and is worshipped by angels who cannot even look at Him He is so Holy. Wow! And this God - this Holy, Holy, Holy God - loves me! He knows my name! He knows my thoughts. He knows me through and through and He desires a relationship with me! Unbelievable! Yet, through Jesus' sacrifice, I can approach His Throne. But I must have a reverential fear and respect. He is Holy. I must never think less. K: Father God, may I never, ever use Your Name in a flippant manner again. I want to always, always remember Your Holiness and treat you with respect and awe. I thank You that I can approach Your throne and that the veil was torn that seperated me from You, but that did not make You less Holy. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. I find great comfort in that. Thank You for Your Word, thank You for loving me and caring about the smallest details of my life, and for giving me the Holy Spirit to guide and direct my every step. In Jesus ' Name!

Well, time to dress, get my son up and begin a great day of school, fiber and food! 

Until next time!

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