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Monday, January 19, 2015

Good Monday Morning!

Good Morning!!  The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect for a woman of many hot flashes!!  I am loving winter this year.  I have never truly embraced winter.  It has always been the prelude to one of my favorite seasons, Spring!  However, this year, I am really enjoying snuggling with my family by the fire, hot cocoa, sweaters, and the occasional dusting of snow.  I pray for more snow, but it is not up to me!  So, I am just enjoying the cold! 

I have been busy getting my shop rejuvenated!  I updated my Twitter, Ravelry, Facebook, this blog, Stumble Upon and have joined Tumblr.  Not even sure what Tumblr is, but I am part of it!! 
I have some fabulous art batts in the making and 1 really cool one ready to be listed today.  I carded some Romney wool with bamboo and then put it in my dyepot!  The plan was for the bamboo to not take up any of the dye and stay white.  It worked beautifully! 
I am really tempted to spin this.  I have some really great ribbons I could add as well as some sparkle. 

This morning's Good Morning Girls Bible Study has us in Exodus Chapter 11.  Here is my SOAK!

S: v.3. "Now the Lord had caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the people of Israel."

O: The Israelites needed to collect their wages of silver and gold from the Egyptians for work they had done. It seems.unlikely in the flesh, that the Egyptians would just hand over silver and gold to their slaves, but they did. Why? Because God gave the Israelites favor with the Egyptian people. I have experienced God's favor and it is definitely a "wow" moment. And the best thing is - we can walk there!

A: If I abide in the shelter of His wings, then I will walk in the favor of God. I put the caveat of abiding under His wings, because if I am indeed covered and abiding, then that means I am totally trusting God with everything. I am seeking Him for the everyday of my life. I am in obedience to Him. There are many rewards to living under His wings - not the least of which is protection from deadly disease, no evil will conquer me, no plague will come near my home, protection wherever I go - I won't even hurt my foot on a stone! I will be rescued from trouble! Talk about favor!! Check out Psalm 91! So my goal is to purpose to abide in the shelter of His wings for the next hour. Then I will, with the Holy Spirit's help, I will abide for another hour. I may have to repurpose every 30 minutes, or even 15! But I am feeling pretty good right now , before my day starts, with an hour.

K: Lord, thank You for this beautiful day! Father, let me praise You without ceasing for you are worthy of such praise. I want to abide in the shelter of Your wings all day long. I want to bring my children with me. Hold onto me tightly and give me a swat when I start to be restless and pull away. I do not want to leave you. I love You so much. Without You, I am nothing. Thank You in advance for giving us a glorious day! In Jesus' Name..

Have a wonderful day!


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