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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Mainstays 3-Piece Apron Set, Coffee
Cute!  And my favorite theme - coffee!
I just saw this on a post on FB.  Do you mean that if I dress up like June Cleaver, my children will respond to me differently in a good way??  For $11.97, I can get a cute apron, potholder and dish towel at WalMart.  Where has this info been all my life??  Don't think that I'm not going to Wally World today and pick one up.  For $12.00 I can afford to experiment.  The comments on the FB post lead one to believe that it, does indeed, work.  I will definitely let you know the results! 

I am going to learn to write knitting patterns!  It is a direction I have been wanting to go in for awhile, but just no time.  Now that I have a renewed motivation for my shop, I think this is a good addition.  My hubby is also wanting to get back to weaving, so I will carry some of his creations also!  In the meantime, I am at 185 items in my shop!!!  15 more to go!!  Another experiment.  Once you have 200 listings, your traffic is supposed to really increase.  I will let you know about that also!  Here are a few new additions:
Art Yarn, Handspun Art Yarn, 32yds, 4wpi, Super BulkyRoving, Handpainted Roving, 5.9oz., 168 g.Roving, Handpainted Wool Roving, 7.1oz. 202g

I am spinning some beautiful purple right now for my hubby to weave a clutch purse on the Knitter's Loom.  I can't wait!  I need to dye some emerald green to go with it.  Maybe today! 

I am going to drag out my frozen turkey today.  I discovered a fantastic way to prepare a frozen turkey thanks to my procrastination.  I was supposed to take turkey to our homeschool group Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, of course, I still had the turkey in the freezer the day before!  So, what to do?  I was going to have to carve it all on a platter to take to the group, which I hate carving.  So, the thought came to me to just stick the frozen turkey into my huge post and just boil it!  I did and the results were a very juicy turkey that just feel off the bone!  It was fantastic.  I pulled the big pieces apart and put them in a 9x13 casserole dish and covered it with it's juices.  It stayed so moist!  Love, love this.  It wouldn't work if you were going for the golden roasted look of the whole turkey on a platter, but if you are going for the practical side of things, this is a great way!  You can't get the organs out until it cooks a bit, but the bag they are in is in tact after an hour or so of boiling.  It takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the turkey.  Try it, you may like it!

God Bless you on this cold Tuesday!

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