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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Loving This Winter!!

The view from my back porch this morning was stunningly beautiful!  I praise the Lord for the winter wonderland He provided.  They sun is out now and the temp. is going up,  but I am thankful for the sight, if just for awhile

I have been busy spinning, dyeing, and carding fiber!  I am trying to get 200 items listed in my shop.  Apparently when you get 200 listings, you get more traffic directed to your shop.  Each time I get past 160, I have big sales and it goes back down.  I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!  I rejoice in each and every sale.  I just need to up production to keep up!  My son, Ben, made a rolag last night on the Ashford Blending Board.  He loves fiber and I love that he loves fiber!
Rolag, Fiber Batt, Art Batt  .8 oz.

I believe this is the perfect morning for a Maple Steamer.  My daughter, Jessica, and I were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at exactly this time last year.  We were caught in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere - Chatham.  We were in a 4 room motel and there was a bar & grill, a general store (a real general store - they had everything) , an organic little restaurant, and a post office.  It was literally a stones throw away from the motel.  We went to the organic restaurant and I discovered the Maple Steamer!  It was great!  It is nothing more than maple syrup - about 2 tablespoons in a large mug and steamed milk.  I don't know if it is the taste or the bringing back of a close, shared time with my daughter, but I love this drink.  Definitely a comfort drink for me. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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